Welcome to Philippine Export-Import Credit Agency

Phil Exim is a sovereign guarantor extending credit, export insurance and related services to business entities in order to develop the Nation's export industry and facilitate investment in strategic sectors of the economy. By 2018, PhilEXIM shall be the preferred credit guarantee institution facilitating international trade and investments responsive to the developmental needs of the country.

PhilEXIM’s expanded functions are as follows:

  • To promote and facilitate the entry of  foreign loans into the country for development purposes having special regard to the needs of export-oriented industries, industries registered with the Board of Investments, public utilities, and industries the promotion of which is encouraged by government policy;
  • To guarantee loans granted by Philippine banking and financial institutions to qualified exporters, producers of export products, and contractors with approved service contracts abroad;
  • To facilitate and assist in the implementation of approved service contracts abroad entered into by Philippine entities, enterprises, or corporations with foreign exchange earning potentials, by providing counter-guarantees to Philippine banks and financial institutions issuing stand-by Letters of Credit or of Letters of Guarantee for the performance of said service contracts;
  • To meet requests from domestic entities, enterprises, and corporations to assist them in the coordination of their development and expansion plans with a view to achieving better utilization of their resources;

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