1996 First Meeting of the AEBF members in India, at the initiative of Export-Import Bank of India, with a view to enhance cooperation and forge a stronger link among its member institutions, which led to the formation of the Asian ECA Forum. The meeting was hosted by Exim India at its Eximius Centre for Learning at Bangalore on February 10, 1996. The participants included ECAs from Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and India
1999 Asian Development Bank appointed as permanent observer
2000 Memorandum of Understanding signed by all participating ECAs of the Annual Meeting to reflect the objectives and consensus of areas of cooperation among Asian ECAs
2000 Setting up of a Technical Working Group, a precursor of the Annual Meetings of the Forum
2004 Setting-up of Training Committee, to involve member institutions for sharing knowledge in a structured manner
2005 Launch of AEBF portal by Export-Import Bank of India during the 11th Annual Meeting in 2005 at Goa, India

Endorsement of Reciprocal Risk Participation Agreement

2010 Signing of AEBF Membership Protocol
2013 Vietnam Development Bank inducted as a member of AEBF
2014 Launch of revamped AEBF Portal, on the sidelines of 20th AEBF Annual Meeting hosted by Export-Import Bank of India
2017 Turkey EXIM Bank inducted as a member of AEBF